The EGG birthing course is designed to make birth practically beautiful, start your journey now! 


Can I be honest with you? The word 'Hypnobirthing' in my opinion, is misleading. I personally thought it all sounded a bit ‘hippy dippy’ and in my sessions they might actually try to hypnotise me.

Oh how I was wrong...

In short Hypnobirthing is an antenatal course. The course address’ not only the theory and mechanics of giving birth but how to address your mind throughout this natural process. It teaches you all the possible outcomes and signposts all the other alternatives there are available to you. It shows you how you can implement small, positive, changes during you birthing journey that can have a both a physical and mental effect when it comes to birthing your baby.


The course can enable you to create positive outcomes for both mother and baby before, during and after birth.

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The EGG Hypnobirthing course is both logical and scientific. It binds together the science, logic, knowledge and practice to create positive outcomes in the leading up to and birth of your baby.


The EGG birthing course provides an holistic and evidence-based overview to help you prepare for a positive birth experience and a beautiful transition into early parenthood. It is one of the most exciting times you’ll experience in life and you should feel informed and educated when it comes down to this magical moment.

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EGG Hypnobirthing is not just for Mummy’s but it is equally important for birth partners to be involved and take part in. A birthing partners role is crucial in enabling and empowering women to birth their baby in the most positive, supportive way possible. We want every birth partner to feel in control of any situation they may face, be clear on the facts and confident in their knowledge they will gain from this course.

EGG Hypnobirthing will provide you with the theory and practical tools you will need to birth your baby in a positive empowered way, no matter what the outcome or decisions you may face. You will in turn feel calm, confident and generally excited to birth your baby.

Think of this course as a driving theory test and your lessons to practically learn how to drive……You wouldn’t take your driving test without completing these would you? Then why should your birthing journey be any different?

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