If you have chosen an abdominal birth and you want feel confident in all areas of your birthing journey and recovery then book a bespoke EGG course to support you and your baby.

 Bespoke Private Ceasrean Course:

  • Classes carried out at a time and date best for you

  • 121 private coaching 

  • EGG workshop video content

  • 121 mentoring of scripted meditation

  • 121 bespoke ‘Birthing Preferences’ workshop

  • Postnatal planning workshop

  • 121 email support provided after graduating

COST: enquire for a bespoke quote*

Enrol from 25 weeks, course dates subject to availability*

The not so 'basics'...

 T O P I C S  C O V E R E D 

  • The birthing process (the science bit)

  • Caesarean procedure infomation

  • Hormones and their role in labour

  • The role of mindset, instinct and language during your birth 

  • Preparing for a positive birthing experience

  • How to manage the different stages of your leading up to and your birth

  • The importance of your support team (bespoke workshop)

  • Pain relief options 

  • Birth preferences (bespoke workshop)

  • Golden hour details  

  • Postnatal Planning

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