Refresh, reconnect, recharge... 

Have you already invested in your birth education before? Want to brush up on your knowledge and feel calm and confident going into your birth? Then this refresher course is for you!


Whether is a quick coaching call or a couple of hours around subjects that you wish to cover, EGG is here for you!

Live Online Refresher Birth Prep Course:

  • Mother to be pack (printable format)

  • Birth partner pack (printable format)

  • Bespoke number of hours of live virtual coaching

  • EGG workshop video content

  • EGG birthing preferences (editable/prinatble form)

  • Full email support after graduating


 COST PER COUPLE: enquire for your personalised quote*

I'm all about the details, tell me more...

 T O P I C S  T H A T  C A N  B E  C O V E R E D ...

  • The birthing process (the science bit)

  • Hormones and their role in labour

  • The role of mindset, instinct and language during labour

  • Preparing for a positive birthing experience

  • How to manage the different stages of labour

  • The importance of your support team

  • Pain relief options 

  • Birth place options

  • Birth preferences 

  • Golden hour details 

  • Postnatal Planning 

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