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Elle Gregson

Certified Hypnobirthing Teacher

Hello! I'm Elle, founder of EGG. I'm a birth educator and Mummy to Nina. My daughter inspired me to discover the wonderful world of Hypnobirthing. This sparked a new found passion which led me to go on and qualify as a Hypnobirthing teacher.

The EGG Hypnobirthing course is designed to guide, support and empower you as mothers and birth partners. This birth education course will create opportunities that will make you feel completely calm, confident, informed and in control of your birth. Whether it’s your first, second or third baby EGG is here for you and is aimed to be practically beautiful, from bump, baby and beyond, this is my mission!

Hypnobirthing gave me a true sense of control in one of the most important events of my life. I felt empowered, confident and in control. It was truly magical! This is why I have poured so much love and detail into creating my very own course, because I believe every women deserves to feel the same way I did.

​Being the complete control freak I am, in shock from finding out I was pregnant with our first child, I went into a mad frenzy of researching all things pregnancy and baby. Now, I know you can't really plan to the very last fine detail when it comes to being pregnant and having a baby, equally for me knowledge is power! I immersed myself into pregnancy land, it made me feel more in control of the situation in a weird way.

Now 'weird' is a word that did come to mind when I first read the word 'Hypnobirthing'. What was this?!

As first-time parents, with our minds filled with frightening thoughts due to our preconceived theory of what birth entailed, we made the choice to take a chance and enrolled on a course... WOW after session one we were totally invested in the program. You see, much to our surprise, the course wasn't all banging drums, wind chimes and herbal remedies like we first had naively thought, but quite the opposite! Just clear facts, science and support...we were hooked!

​I am a perfectionist and focus on practical solutions in my personal and work life. Hypnobirthing was the key in enabling me to have the most positive outcomes throughout my pregnancy and birth of my baby. I will not be telling you the do's and don'ts, I can not promise you a 'perfect birth', equally I am committed to supporting, encouraging and educating you to be able to make informed decisions and for you to experience the most positive birth possible. Are you ready to take control of your birth? I would love to be a part of your birthing  journey!


Elle Grace Gregson (EGG)